MIMC doesn’t have a fixed membership as such, and is an open group that people can participate in at any time (click here to join in!), however we have a core membership of artists, based in or from the Scottish Borders, including those listed below.

Dawn Berry
Dawn’s experimental films are a mix of suggestive visuals and sounds/music. Often exploring perspectives on reality and connection, especially to the unseen and in-between. Inspired by Alchemy, hermetics, magick, witchcraft, philosophy and Theosophy. Her films attempt to bridge the viewers gap between ego and subconscience, exploring a wider universal perspective on meaning and reality.
See some of Dawn’s work on her website here.

Dorothy Alexander
Dorothy is a writer and video artist with an interest in experimental poetry and fiction in English and Scots. She has a Masters in Creative Writing and a PhD from the University of Glasgow, and she has won the Macallan/Scotland on Sunday Short Story Competition.
See some of Dorothy’s work on Vimeo here.

Douglas McBride
“Craft skills honed over 40 years in the commercial world of advertising, editorial and theatrical photography allow Douglas to focus on his art without distraction. Douglas’ visual thoughts and feelings about his journeys into the landscape are shared as multi-media experiences. Compositions are tense and complete almost abstract until some little detail catches our attention and the penny drops. Linear abstract lines on the ice are animal footprints, the scratchings of paws, vegetation shaped by seasons, of changing weather and extreme weather events creating ephemeral temporary never to be seen again things. Douglas searches for these phenomena, hunts, stalks, anticipating things will present themselves. To be enjoyed as very short poetic films or as glorious dark print” Bernard Mallet-Griffiths : writing for the retrospective showing at the Zone de Confusion Gallery, Lille, France.
Learn more about Douglas’ work on his website here.

Frank Brown
Documentary filmmaker Frank Brown has been making films for almost 30 years. Utilising ever-changing camera technology, he has captured countless significant local events, international travels, Borders culture and remarkable wildlife footage, all with great style and humility.
Read more about Frank’s work here. and see some of his work on Vimeo here or YouTube here.

James Wyness
James Wyness is a composer and sound artist working within the experimental tradition. He lives and works in Jedburgh, a small town in the Scottish Borders.
He composes electroacoustic music, often called musique concrète, using microphones and recording devices, to be played back over loudspeakers. His compositions are typically long- form compositions which investigate the shapes of sounds (morphology) and their spatial behaviour in diverse combinations.
As a lens-based media artist his film-making is built around specific ideas and concepts researched and developed over many months or even years, then filmed in and around the domestic and natural environment The sound for each film is typically generated from within accessible resources, incorporating unorthodox hand-built instruments and devices. As a photographer his work explores contemporary still life, new approaches to landscape, the domestic and immediate environment.
Read more about James’ work here.

Jane Houston Green
Jane has worked in performance theatre and film as an actor and director. She started making films in 2016 responding intuitively to places and ideas with this approach leading to a creative process that is both liberating and exciting.

Jason Moyes
Jason has been exploring the moving image since 2007. His work has been shown in the UK, North America, Europe and Asia. He presents the experimental film podcast Into the Mothlight.
At the heart of his work is an ongoing curiosity of what lies beyond the hills, trees and fields of the Borders countryside. He is inspired by the idea that exciting things can be discovered at the end of an overgrown path, beyond a locked gate, or in an abandoned place.
Jason’s website is here and Into the Mothlight is here.

Jessie Growden
Jessie started making films in 2014. Her videos explore place, landscape and personal experiences through a playful approach to recording images. Her work focusses on the detail, the sentimental and the throwaway, and the history and lives of objects and places.
Read more on Jessie’s website here.

Kerry Jones
Kerry is a multi – media artist based in Scotland whose practice incorporates film; sound; archive; manipulated still images & site-specific interactions. Her recent work comes from an interest in appropriating and deconstructing image, sound and narrative – digital twitches that disrupt time and narrative.Layering elements in anachronistic ways that perhaps result in an audio visual perpetual busyness without any obvious function or narrative. She is a curator, project manager and educator with a passion for creative investigation, experimentation and community engagement with a portfolio of curated exhibitions, film screenings, events and community projects.
Visit Kerry’s website here.

Narda Azaria Dalgleish
Narda draws on various personal and cultural sources to interface the visible world with the invisible realm of mysteries, using poetry and vocal experimentations with layering narrations. She finds her films and installations have proved to be not only a means for an artistic end, but a journey of self discovery. She is increasingly astonished to notice the extent of space her ancient ancestral roots are claiming in her work.
Read more about Narda’s work here and see some of her work on here.

Nicoletta Stephanz
Nicoletta is a composer, musician, and recording artist. She has performed and recorded with a variety of musicians and artists including Gong, Daevid Allen, Edward Ka-spel/The Legendary Pink Dots, The Damned, Galactic, and members of Acid Mothers Temple. As a solo artist she usually performs as Coven of One.
Listen to some of Nicoletta’s work here

Patrick Rafferty
Having spent some time working with still photography, Patrick thought it was about time he tried to join up the spaces in between the images he would frame and select. His work is as much about stasis as it is about the point where frames combine, overlap, creating the opportunity to see what happens when the mirror flips up, that fractional space where we hope that the fugitive has been captured, seeing what we suspect is there.
See some of Patrick’s work on Vimeo here.

Richard Ashrowan
Richard is a moving image artist and independent film curator. He works with video and 16mm film, creating short single channel films, immersive video installations and live multi-projector performance experiments. His works are exhibited at film festivals, galleries and artist spaces around the world. He was the founder and Creative Director of Alchemy Film & Arts in Scotland from 2010 to 2019 and was curator for Scotland + Venice at the Venice Art Biennale 2017.
Read more on Richard’s website here.

Sukjin Kim
Sukjin is a Live artist, Visual artist, Performance artist and Concept designer based in the Scottish Borders. Since 2002, she has exhibited and toured in South Korea, France, Germany, Belgium and the UK.
Read more on Sukjin’s blog here.