Off the Peg

OFF THE PEG – An evening of short films from members of The Moving Image Makers Collective; a wonderful 1978 archve film Romance of Cashmere about Dawson International textile mill (now owned by Chanel) in Hawick directed by Terence Donovan and a special screening of Jacques Perconte’s remarkable hour long film: “Ettrick” a film that interrogates the Scottish borders unique heritage: sheep farming, fabrics, the woolen mill tradition and our unique landscapes all rendered in an impressionistic arc of colour and movement. The event is part of The Everything Creative Festival

Films from the Moving Image Makers Collective included:

TFOD | Jessie Growden | A diary of an experience of the Scout camp

Merzfrau | The Bird and the Monkey / Avant Kinema | A Super 8 ode to the Modernist Muse

A Haining Re-enactment Wedding | by Frank Brown | A Living Image video covering the years from 1830/1930 in period costume

Where Art Thou? | from Jane Houston Green | A quirky look at Romeo & Juliet to celebrate 400 years of Shakespeare … with glass lifts, balconies and Sicilian sunshine

Lips Sigh Red | Dorothy Alexander

Audience | Narda Azaria Dalgleish

What Kind of Circus | Kerry Kezza Jones

Urban Chips | Joy Parker | A glimpse of modern urban living

Busy | Chris Magian | A quick dip into how a visitor from the far past might experience suddenly waking up on a city pedestrian bridge in modern London

River Installation

A collaborative work which started at the Free Flow Screening in Hawick and continued as MIMC took over the Haining House in Selkirk with Moving Image Installations at the YES Arts Festival over the weekend of 15-17 September 2017.

Photos: Patrick Rafferty

Gone Tomorrow | Jane Houston Green

‘Gone Tomorrow’ is an exploration of movement, space and time. Civilisations, with their specific dreams and aspirations, come and go leaving us to remember and interpret lives from the past. Shadows fall on ground where others have trodden, and will tread, but eventually we are all gone like the shadows themselves that must fade without a source of light. 

Photo: Patrick Rafferty

Photo: Jane Houston Green

Photo: Jane Houston Green

Photo: Jane Houston Green

Joy Parker
About Me

Bio: My art derives from an interrogation of complex relationships that shape our identity, such as our relationship to the built environment, or to the construct of gender and gender roles. Currently I am engaging with the relationship between the self and family history, in particular through research into the life of my grandmother who spent 45 years in Bristol Lunatic Asylum. I deploy a range of mediums, seeking the most appropriate to my subject matter, and working in collaboration when this extends my practice. It is when the medium itself becomes integral to the subject, that the work is most successful. For example, I used collage in a recent series Case Notes which inscribed the often striking words from my grandmother’s medical case notes on a delicate female body. The words at times defined her and at other times appeared to liberate her, but in the end what remained were only paper cut outs. Likewise I put on a performance Gertrude at Eastgate Theatre, Peebles, as this enabled me to combine archive film footage and old photographs with my own person as a living performer, thereby creating a dialectical relationship between my grandmother and myself, the past and the present, the artist and the subject. Often my work is personal, but I aim for it to have a wider social significance. I offer workshops to the wider community.

Richard Ashrowan


Dr Richard Ashrowan (b.1966) is a moving image artist and film curator. He has been Creative Director of Alchemy Film and Moving Image Festival in Scotland since 2010 and is curator for Scotland + Venice at the Venice Art Biennale 2017. He works with video and 16mm film, creating short single channel films, immersive video installations and live multi-projector performance experiments. His works are exhibited at artist-led spaces, galleries and film festivals around the world. He was awarded a PhD in 2016 (Edinburgh College of Art / Edinburgh University) for his practice-based research on ‘Alchemical Catoptrics of the Moving Image’.

Artist Statement

Light and luminosity are at the heart of my work. I am also interested in alchemy, referring to its language and processes of transformation, as a mirror for my own methods. My research has included an exploration of the use of light by alchemists from the 12th to the 18th centuries, examining their experimental methodology (alchemical catoptrics), their diagrammatical structures and early pre-scientific philosophies of light. These historical antecedents often inform the content and structuring principals of my films, which are substantively concerned with notions of transformation. Landscape and place, coupled with a personal sense of deep presence, often form the starting point for my visual material.

Exhibitions & Screenings

Five Angels
Directors Lounge, Berlin
27-29 October, 2017
Summerhall, Edinburgh
2 August – 24 September, 2017
Five Angels
San Diego Underground Film Festival, USA
25 August, 2017
Cubiculum Umbrae
Disasters of Peace (curated by Kamilla Kuc & Sam Jury)
Northwest Film Forum, Seattle
28 May, 2017
Cubiculum Umbrae
Disasters of Peace (curated by Kamilla Kuc & Sam Jury)
The Horse Hospital, London
20 May, 2017
Five Angels
Dokufest, Kosovo
8 & 12 May, 2017
A Landscape Symphony in 22 Movements
Platform Festival, Perthshire
25 March, 2017
Five Angels
Experiments in Cinema, Albuquerque, USA
18-23 April, 2017
4th International Festival of Experimental Video, Valparaiso, Chile
11-16 April, 2017
NOFEST, at Unza! Milan, Italy
8 April, 2017
Five Angels
Glasgow Short Film Festival
15-19 March, 2017
Traverse Vidéo, Toulouse, France
12 March, 2017
Mutus Floris
VIDEO: To Flowers, ANDOR Gallery, London
17 February, 2017
Five Angels
Unfix Festival: Rebirth, Glasgow
18 December, 2016
Five Angels
Transgression, at Close-Up Film Centre, London
10 December, 2016
Of The Excellency Of Wheate
Glasgow Short Film Festival
16-20 March, 2016
Mutus Floris
Iside and the Wunderkammer of Fertility, Palazzo Vernazza, Lecce, Italy
Curated by Dores Sacquegna
2-9 March, 2016
Solo retrospective
Full Frame Theatre, Durham, NC, USA Center For Documentary Studies / Duke MFA
Alchemist, Diagram, Mutus Floris, Cubiculum Umbrae, Speculum, Of The Excellency of Wheat
27 January 2016
Of The Excellency Of Wheate
Edinburgh Artists’ Moving Image Festival
12 December, 2015
Antimatter [media art] Festival, Victoria, BC, Canada
16 – 31 October , 2015
Sphinx Thebes Festival, Greece
October 2015
Cubiculum Umbrae, Diagram
Motion Creatures, Edinburgh
24 August 2015
Altered States at Coastal Current Arts Festival, Hastings
29 & 30 August 2015
Cubiculum Umbrae
USURP Zone 5 Film Festival, London
14 August 2015
SHORTini Film Festival, Sicily
1 August 2015
Solo retrospective – Post Lux Materia
Swedenborg Film Festival, London
Alchemist, Diagram, Mutus Floris, Speculum, Of The Excellency of Wheat
8 July 2015
Tower Mill, Heart of Hawick
24 June 2015
Chicago Underground Film Festival
13 – 17 May 2015
Videoformes, Clermont Ferrand, France
19 – 21 March 2015
Papay Gyro Nights, Hong Kong
6 – 20 March 2015
Papay Gyro Nights, Papa Westray, Orkney, Scotland
3 – 10 February 2015

Alchemist (installation)
Venice Performance Art Week, Italy
13 – 20 December 2014
RISC Rencontres Internationales – Science & Cinema 2014, Marseille, France
29 November 2014
The Journal of Short Film, Vol 33 – peer reviewed DVD, Ohio State University
Released November 2014
Strangloscope III – Cinema as Witchcraft 2014, Florianópolis, Brazil
31 October 2014
Twelve Frames Left
Highlight Arts, Edinburgh
2 October 2014
Twelve Frames Left
Videoholica 2014, Bulgaria (award finalist)
August 2014
The Picture Show, New York, USA
June 27 & 28th 2014
Montreal Underground Film Festival
24th May 2014
Mutus Floris
Threshold Artpsace, Perth
May 2014
Iowa City Documentary Film Festival
Winner ‘Best Cinematography’ Award
17th – 19th April 2014

Catoptrica – Live video performance
Edinburgh International Festival
28 August 2013
Mutus Floris
YES Festival, Selkirk
September 2013
The Fixed and the Volatile
Speculum, Cubiculum Umbrae, Diagram, Catoptrica film performance and other new works
Verksmiðjan, Hjalteyri, Iceland
August 2013
The Rainbow
Filmpoem Festival, Dunbar
August 2013
The Rainbow – forest walk installation and screenings
Koli Natural Park, Finland
May-Aug 2013
Mutus Floris
Threshold Artpsace, Perth
May 2013
Sensory alchemy – a laboratory of failure
1, Crichton Street, Edinburgh
Dec 7th – 9th 2011
Diagram: Utopia
The Horsebox Gallery
Touring (group) show, various places, Scotland
Sept – Nov 2011
Hear: See: There
(A/V performance collaboration with James Wyness)
Alchemy Film and Moving Image Festival
Hawick, Scottish Borders
Oct 24th 2011
Seven Seals
East Haddam, Connecticut, USA
16 Oct 2011
Mutus Floris
Bump Gallery
Galashiels, Scottish Borders
26th – 27th August 2011
Supernature – a collection of films
Supernormal Festival
Braziers Park, Oxfordshire
19th – 21st August 2011
Fingal’s Cave
An Tobar
Isle of Mull
2nd July to 30th July 2011

Liverpool John Moores University
Film Philosophy
6th July to 8th July 2011

Mutus Floris
Montreal Underground Film Festival
May 14th 2011
Mutus Floris
The Generator Shed
Scottish Borders
May 7th to May 15th 2011
Invite and directions
‘Going Outward’
Curator, Exhibitor
Geopoetics Festival
Brantwood, England
March 2011
Reflections, Inversions, Symmetries
Royal Scottish Academy
Edinburgh, Scotland
February/March 2011
New Moves International
International Festival of Live Art (single channel screening)
February 2011

Alchemist and Lament
Alchemy Film and Media Arts Festival
Curated by Richard Ashrowan
September 2010

Glasgow International
The Jacobean Building, 49 Virginia Street (first floor), Glasgow. G1 1TS
April/May 2010

Lament & Fingal’s Cave
Atlantic Islands Festival, Isle of Luing
Scottish Centre for Geopoetics
July 2009

Fingal’s Cave
Mendelssohn Festival
An Tobar, Tobermory, Isle of Mull
June 2009

Lament (group show)
SSA annual exhibition
Vision Building, Dundee
May/June 2009

Lament (solo show)
Forest Gallery, Selkirk
April 2009

Borderline/Lament (solo show)
Casa Artelor, Timisoara, Romania
Curated by Ileana Pintilie
March 2009


Fingal’s Cave (solo show)
Foksal Gallery, Warsaw, Poland
Curated by Jaromir Jedlenski
June/July 2008


*Poprzez Portret
Fabrycka Sztuki, Lodz, Poland
Curated by Krystoff Noworyta
December 2007

Contact Rushes
The National Brukenthal Museum, Sibiu, Romania
Curated by Ileana Pintillie
(part of a Demarco Archive exhibition)
November 2007

*Contact Rushes
Scottish National Portrait Gallery, Edinburgh
Curated by Richard Demarco
August 2007

*Evanescence – Ice/Thaw Norway
Demarco European Art Foundation, Edinburgh/Glasgow
April 2007


*A Landscape Symphony in 22 Movements
Ruskin Gallery, Cambridge
October 2006


*A Landscape Symphony in 22 Movements
Threshold Artspace, Perth Concert Hall, Perth
Curated by Iliyana Nedkova
October 2005

The Guru
Threshold Artspace, Perth Concert Hall, Perth
Curated by Iliyana Nedkova
October 2005


The Windmills of Innerleithen
Novi Sad, Serbia
Drift touring programme
The Windmills of Innerleithen
Edinburgh International Film Festival
Stills Gallery
Drift touring programme

The Windmills of Innerleithen
Innerliethen, Scottish Borders
Curated by Iliyana Nedkova
June 2003

Ledingham Chalmers, Edinburgh
January 2003


Duke University – Visiting Artist (2016)
David M. Rubenstein Rare Book & Manuscript Library
Durham, North Carolina, USA

Cafe Tissardmine (2014)

The Arctic Circle (2012)
Svalbard, High Arctic

Kolin Ryyanänen (2012)
Koli Natural Park, Finland

I-Park (2011)
Artist Residency Centre
East Haddam, Connecticut, USA

Brantwood (2007)
Former home of John Ruskin / Brantwood Trust
Coniston, Lake District, England

Threshold Artspace (2005)
Perth Concert Hall, Perth
Lead Artist

Public Collections

Threshold Artspace
Perth Concert Hall, Perth

Anglia Ruskin University

Corporate Collections

Ledingham Chalmers

Nowhere Arts
Artists monograph 2009

Timisoara, Romania
Group catalogue/ conference paper 2009
In Romanian and English

Fingal’s Cave / Blue Flora Celtica
Foksal Gallery, Poland
Joint exhibition catalogue 2008

*Contact Rushes / Poprzez Portret
Fabryka Sztuki / Narodowe Centrum Kultury
Exhibition catalogue 2007
*A Landscape Symphony in 22 Movements
Threshold Artspace
Exhibition catalogue 2005

Threshold Artspace
Project catalogue 2005

The Windmills of Innerleithen
Exhibition catalogue 2005

Ledingham Chalmers
Exhibition catalogue 2003

* Note to the above:

Works marked by an asterisk were produced during a period of joint practice with Alexander Hamilton, under the name ‘Hamilton & Ashrowan’.

The Bird and the Monkey

Scottish experimentalists, Sarahjane Swan & Roger Simian, aka The Bird And The Monkey, have collaborated since 2010 on music, films, art, writing & music videos.
Shortlisted for the Edinburgh International Film Festival Short Film Challenge 2016, short films & music videos by Swan & Simian have screened in North America (Toronto Urban Film Festival); London (London Short Film Festival, Portobello Film Festival, Exploding Cinema); Scotland (EIFF, Alchemy Film and Moving Image Festival, Edinburgh Digital Entertainment Festival, LowDef at the Hidden Door Festival, Forest Cafe, FOMO). The pair have created 5 major video art installations since 2012 and were awarded a grant from the South of Scotland VACMA (Visual Artist and Craft Maker Awards) in 2015.
Songs by The Bird And The Monkey have aired regularly on BBC 6Music (Tom Robinson); AmazingRadio (Jim Gellatly); AcaciaRadio (Ian Hales) and TD1 Radio (Donald Strachan). Experimental track, Moon Moth, was used in the soundtrack of BBC2 teen drama, The Cut, and picked for the Glasgow Herald’s Top 100 Tunes of 2015. Paul Kerr from The Devil Has The Best Tuna MP3 blog has championed the music of Swan and Simian since 2009 and suggested the name The Bird And The Monkey.

Beverley Cornwell

Preferring to use an observational style with strong compositions to sample snippets of unintentional behaviour, Cornwell focuses in on areas that may otherwise have gone unnoticed. From an air conditioning breeze that gives life to natural history exhibits or the repetitive dance of pigeons on an art gallery roof, Cornwell draws attention to the way we look at others and mediate what we see through the eyes of a camera.

Patrick Rafferty

Patrick Rafferty is a full time professional photographer, born in Glasgow and working from a small studio just outside Hawick.
In 2014,began making experimental film, as a member of MIMC, and looking to expand this area of practice.

Frank Brown

Borders-based documentary filmmaker Frank Brown, has been making films for almost 30 years. Utilising ever-changing camera technology, he has captured countless significant local events, international travels, Borders culture and remarkable wildlife footage, all with great style and humility. Here we present a selection of Brown’s most accomplished and charismatic works, from a document of the move of Hawick’s Horse, Ken the Horse (2003), to his beautifully lyrical wildlife short, The Whinchat (1997).

“My introduction to films was as a small boy at a local sheep dog trial, ‘that was a long time ago’ [as they say] and seeing a couple going about with a box and pointing at what was going on around them. The first film I made was called Shetland Holiday. This film had every mistake that could be made in a film so a steep learning curve ensued to try and make a decent film, oh and I am still learning. The main thing is that I have enjoyed the taking and making of film which might be of use to people in years to come to peruse.”
Frank Brown

Frank Brown was born in Edinburgh and raised in the Westruther area of the Scottish Borders, he finally settled in Selkirk over 50 years ago. He worked for the Scottish Ambulance Service for nearly 40 years and since taking up filmmaking, has made over 200 documentary works. Largely self-taught, his first camera was a shoulder mounted Sony, 8mm camcorder, which he used to experiment with in The Haining grounds in Selkirk. Brown was a member of the Hawick Film and Video Group for 6 years, where his passion for filmmaking was cemented by the support of the group. In 1997, praise for his film Morus Bassanus allowed him to be awarded Licentiate (L.A.C.I) status by the Institute of Amateur Cinematographers (I.A.C). He has attended UNICA (the Union Internationale du Cinéma) three times, including a 2006 visit to South Korea. Brown’s travels with his camera have also taken him to Belgium, Tunisia, Portugal, Grand Canaria and Australia, where he was particularly inspired by the wildlife at Lamington National Park. He is also a member of the Scottish Association of Movie Makers (S.A.M), and the Borders-based Moving Image Makers Collective. His work has shown at Yes Festival 2015, Creative Coathanger festival 2016 and Alchemy Film & Moving Image Festival 2016 and 2017.

Selected Filmography:

A Shetland Holiday, 1989
Young Bird Show, 1989
Fields of Hope, 1990
Tractors in Torrents, 1990
Lauder Common Riding, 1993
Donde Esta, 1993
Soller Special, 1994
Chater Road, 1994, Hong Kong
Monkey Forest, 1994
Jurong Bird Park, 1994, Singapore
Border Model Boat Club, 1996
Thursday Nights at Midlem 1, 1996
Thursday Nights at Midlem 2, 1996
There She Blows, 1997
The Whin Chat, 1997
Morus Bassanus, 1997
The Guid Auld Days, 2002
Ken The Horse, 2003
50 Mile Fergi Run, 2004
Something Unique, 2006
A Guid Day Oot, 2006
Dystonia, 20th Sept 2008
Where Yarrow Meets Ettrick, 2009
British Birds, 2010
All Weather Pitch, 2010
A Selkirk Story, 2011
Living Nativity, 2011
Langholm Common Riding, 2011
Haggis Hunting, 2012
Selkirk Remembers, 2013
South Marches Ride Out, 2013
Borders Return Banner, 2013
Hawick Remembers, 2014
Jedburgh Flower Show, 2015
Hand Ba, 2015
Carterhaugh Hand Ba, 2015
Keep the Home Fires Burning, 2016
Life and Love, 2016
Out Off, 2016
The River is Flowing, 2017

Narda Azaria Dalgleish


As an experimental moving image and installation artist, I draw on various personal and cultural sources to interface the visible world with the invisible realm of mysteries, using my poetry and my vocal experimentations with layering narrations.
Since I started in September 2014, making films and installations proved to be not only a means for an artistic end, but very much a journey of self discovery. I am increasingly astonished to notice the extent of space my ancient ancestral roots are claiming in my work.
Dating back to over 2500 years of ancestral exile in the Babylonian diaspora, the richness of the Semitic root languages – Hebrew and Arabic – the Biblical stories, the cultures – both spiritual and secular, all that, and being an ‘exile’ myself, so to speak, mirror back to me through my work an expanded sense of identity I have not experienced before.