New Films – The First Screening of the MIMC

On the 24th of June 2015, the Moving Image Makers Collective followed up the sell-out community screening at Alchemy Film Festival 2015 with an independent screening of new films at the Heart of Hawick Cinema.

Jason Baxter’s COMING TO THE TUNE is the first short to open the Moving Image Makers Collective screening. It is a documentary travelogue on a visit to the Orkney Islands in the far north of Scotland in April 2015.
You hear about the story and motivation behind of a group of musicians who gather on a weekly basis in ‘The Reel’ – a venue in the centre of Kirkwall to play tunes and socialise with other visiting musicians.
This documentary is a film not just the capturing the Landscape of Orkney but its people and how I see its culture.

image of an orkney landscape and the title Orkney 'coming to the tune'

Sara Clark’s I SEE NOTHING is a personal exploration of the inner worlds of memory, emotion, visualisation and subconscious imagery which remain unseen in all of us despite being an ever-present element of our daily existence.
“I See Nothing” is Sara’s tenth short film. Her film “Gadaboot” was described by William McIlvanney as “Glasgow reflected in a broken mirror, through shards of memory, anecdote and place.”

close-up image of an eye from Sara Clark's I See Nothing

Kenny Mitchell’s Poetry Film based on a poem written by Scarlet Mitchell and affectionately narrated by her mother Emma, is visually immersed in an adventurous road trip across the American Southwest. Culminating in a paradise closer to our home, the unexpected pervades the arrangement, meddling with time, light and Stoddart’s vibrant musical rendition.

We’re dedicating this short film to memory of Mary Dorothy Rae (Scarlet Mitchell’s gran) who sadly passed away the day before the film’s premiere at Alchemy 2015.

Image of a view of the Eildon Hills in the Scottish Borders

Tony Gulvin and David Kelly | PLATFORM 3 | 00:15:00
Depressed Artist, John Brenner, finds a woman’s bag on the London underground. Through the contents of the bag, the artist, falls in love with the owner delivering him from his own world of bitterness and depression.

Poster Image of a london tube station titled Platform 3

Two Angels | Jason Moyes | Scotland | 2015 | 00:05:00
Two angels find joy as they explore a ruined landscape. But their shared sense of vitality and innocence is tarnished by a lasting memory of destruction that can’t be outrun.

Black and white image of a pair of twins between a gate and a concrete bunker

Back and Forth | Jessie Growden | Scotland | 2015 | 00:08:01
This film came about when I discovered commuting. Two hours of my day filled with beautiful skies and constantly changing skies. I wanted to capture the beauty in the everyday views that go between home and work, in a place only connected to the outside wold through the radio and the end result of getting where I need to be. It is a space for thinking and catching up with oneself.
spring tree branches seen from below

Sirenus | Julie Witford | Scotland | 2015 | 00:03:54
From rehearsals with dancer Julie Witford and choreographer Léonide Massine (1895–1979) at his studio on Isole dei Galli, ancient Sirenus, in the early 1970s. This formed the basis for his ballet ‘Song of the Reed’ inspired by the poem by Jalaluddin Rumi.
pale image of a figure dancing

Poiesis Lovers | Narda Azaria Dalgleish | Scotland | 2015 | 00:18:00
PoetryFilm – a compound of three poems narrated in English and French, alluding to the interior of a poet on the backdrop of its metaphorical exterior realm of portals, canals, boats and dance.
Chris Brierley
Night Falls, Radha Waits – James Wyness
ContinuedToBe – John Grzinich
In Memory of Those who Melt the Soul Forever ~
A poem by Ibn Arabi, sang by Narda Azaria Dalgleish
Narda Azaria Dalgleish, Erwan Zuger
Shot in Padua, Venice and Burano, May 2015.
an image of a waterfront overlaid with dancers on a stage, colours highly saturated

Speculum | Richard Ashrowan | Scotland | 2015 | 00:17:17
“I am weakened by being divided
drink me and become white
Speculum is a moving image sigil, a re-interpretation and re-enactment of a particular alchemical historiography. It explores ancient theories of matter in which luminous emanation gives rise to physical form. Taking the form of seven stages or seven failed experiments, the film draws upon the works of early light philosophers Roger Bacon (1214-1292), Agrippa von Nettesheim (1486-1535) and John Dee (1527-1609).
Image of a smoky crystal ball

What Else Is Space | Kerry Jones | Scotland | 2015 | 00:01:24
A disjointed and open ended interpretation of personal space through the eyes of a heavy set puppet, a family photograph, ripped audio and visuals and mashed up sounds.

sepia coloured image of a child riding a bicycle down a slight slope

Holiday 8 | Patrick Rafferty | Turkey | 2015
To spend time, without constraint, is a luxury rarely afforded. To switch off all news, ignore newspapers, television and radio, and create a space where everything is about now, joy.

image of the tiles and reflecting on the bottom of a swimming pool

The Ba | Jules Horne | Scotland | 2015 | 00:15:00
THE BA is a documentary about Jethart Hand Ba, the ancient street game that takes place once a year in the Scottish Borders town of Jedburgh. Closeup footage and Border voices give a sense of what it’s like to play and witness this joyfully anarchic game – part rugby, part ritual, part happening, part smuggling – where the Uppies confront the Doonies, there are no rules, and the pitch is Jedburgh itself.

Image of a leather ball, newly stitched together

Community Filmmaking Screening 2015

Sunday 19 April 2015 4.30pm – 6.00pm

In late 2014 and early 2015, Alchemy Film & Arts offered two training programmes in filmmaking for local members of the
community – the Scottish Borders Community Filmmaking Initiative, attended by 35 participants. The films in this programme
celebrate our local filmmakers and the wonderful diversity of works they have produced.

This programme was supported by Awards for All and the Robertson Trust.

Grace Connor / United Kingdom / 2015 / 3m 58s

Julie Witford / Scotland / 2015 / 3m

Dorothy Alexander / Scotland / 2015 / 4m 20s

Jason Baxter / Scotland / 2015 / 4m 51s

Frank Brown / Scotland / 2015 / 12m 30s

Joy Parker / Scotland / 2015 / 15m

Sara Clark / Scotland / 2015 / 7m 48s

Jason Moyes / Scotland / 2015 / 2m 25s

Patrick Rafferty / Scotland / 2015 / 6m 32s

Kerry Jones / Scotland / 2015 / 2m 07s

Kirsty Jobling / Scotland / 2015 / 12m

Eileen Cummings / Scotland / 2015 / 1m 58s

Kenny Mitchell / Scotland / 2015 / 4m 6s

Jessie Growden / Scotland / 2015 / 7m 18s

Tony Gulvin / Scotland / 2015 / 5m 6s

Narda Azaria Dalgleish / Scotland / 2015 / 3m 56s

Summer Exhibitions Programme 2017

In Summer 2017, MIMC took the opportunity to run a series of solo exhibitions within the Alchemy Film & Arts space on Hawick High Street.

Patrick Rafferty | Rhythm, Routine and Ritual
20 and 22 July 2017 | Hawick
The first part of an ongoing project, using still and moving image. Patrick examines how intertwined, yet partitioned our lives can be. Routine and Ritual explores causality and entropy, light and shadow, growth and decay.

Beverley Cornwell| On Exhibit
27 and 29 July 2017 | Hawick
A compilation of short films by Beverley Cornwell that explores themes that emerge when looking at exhibited animals as objects and art, and investigates the way we share our spaces with animals in museums, zoos, and art galleries.

Jason Moyes | Minus Nine
3 and 5 August 2017 | Hawick
Minus Nine explores a range of themes and maps the artist’s journey as a filmmaker. Myths and legends are retold, Berwick is at war with St. Petersburg, the American dream is represented in found footage and red lights cast a spell.

Jane Houston Green | Here, There, Everywhere
10 and 12 August 2017 | Hawick
Four films made in 2016 and a current work in progress, which the Artist is planning to develop into an amalgamated work called ‘A Shadow Symphony’.

Narda Azaria Dalgleish | What About the Ineffable?
17 and 19 August 2017 | Hawick
What About the Ineffable? An experimental moving image retrospective of selected works created between 2014-2017. Narda also created a forest installation projecting 100 portraits.

Nicoletta Stephanz | pf(hy)steria
24 and 26 August 2017 | Hawick
A selection of Nicoletta’s recent film works, including a collaboration with Artist Joy Parker. Nicoletta’s newest work, pf(hy)steria explores the impact of illness on one’s life, paths to recovery and a sense of lost time.

Jessie Growden | Work in Progress
31 August and 2 September 2017 | Hawick
During the exhibition, Jessie created paintings informed by image and sound, in an attempt to present the landscape as a visual translation from life to moving image to an object – the painting.

MIMC at Alchemy 2018


Tickets: Free, ticketed event

SATURDAY 5 MAY 2:00pm – 3:10pm
SUNDAY 6 MAY 6:00pm – 7:10pm

A selection of work from the Moving Image Makers Collective, a dynamically evolving group of film and moving image artists who are based in the Scottish Borders.

* Members of the Moving Image Makers Collective will be present for a Q&A.


Annette Philo/Dorothy Alexander / 4m 2s / 2017 / United Kingdom / European Premiere

A deer makes his appearance through a white point. The film explores the crossover between the technical process of recording image and sound and the expressive gestures which emerge, when both are combined with the spoken word. While filming in Hermitage Castle in the Scottish Borders, the white point was set on my iPhone camera and the exposure dialled in and out, using the touch screen. The Scottish writer Dorothy Alexander, gave her response to this material, in her native Scots tongue. The subsequent recording of her performance inhabits the film produced. When filming with a digital camera, the white point, is the digital reference to the available light.

Poem in Scots:
“Hart cut solid in licht
sliced mortared moss
and ticht-built stanes
till een stepped oot wi blades”

“Hart cut solid in light
sliced mortared moss
and tight-built stones
till eyes stepped out with blades”

Annette Philo is represented by the gallery jaggedart, in the West End of London and has screened films in London and Birmingham. Her recent work is in digital media and Video. She works on her films digitally to enhance colour and engineer sound, in order to construct the image presented. The work is influenced by the philosophy of Jean-Francois Lyotard. In ‘Discours, Figure’, Lyotard states, that his book “is on the side of the eye”. The films explore, the ‘Figural’ space which opens between the visual experience and the systems of language, which identify it.

Dorothy Alexanderhas lived and worked all her life in the Scottish Borders. An enthusiastic proponent of found techniques and visual poetry, she has a Ph.D. in Creative Writing from the University of Glasgow. In 2002 she won the Macallan/Scotland on Sunday Short Story Competition. Her debut novel, The Mauricewood Devils, was published by Freight in 2016.


Kerry Jones / 3m 37s / 2017 / Scotland / World Premiere

An image of Woolworths circa 1970 is deconstructed and abstracted with words from a Mark Fisher lecture mixed and disjointed with a random raver, a shopper and windows. This film is part of an ongoing project Nobody Speak: Digital Twitch. Elements of it have been part of recent installations in 2017: Talbot Rice Gallery; Embassy and Alchemy Film & Arts all have created more layers of abstraction, sound and deconstructed meaning. This new edit is specifically as a single channel film and so presents a very different, focused viewing experience.

I am a multimedia artist based in Scotland whose practice incorporates film; sound; archive; manipulated still images & site-specific interactions. My recent work comes from an interest in appropriating and deconstructing image, sound and narrative – digital twitches that disrupt time and narrative.


Jane Houston Green / 2m 10s / 2017 / Morocco / World Premiere

Throughout time there have been so many references to this fruit and perhaps it started with Eve and the loss of paradise. Newton did not watch a plum fall to the ground, William Tell never shot at a pear and Snow White was not enticed with a juicy mango!

Jane has worked extensively in dance and theatre in a number of countries across the world. She is now bringing those skills and the eclectic experiences of her past to explore and develop new ideas in film. She has already had work shown at a number of film festivals, had her first solo exhibition in 2017 and was pleased to be chosen for the Alchemy Film Residency in Morocco.


Nicoletta Stephanz / 2m 35s / 2018 / United Kingdom / World Premiere

Dream….or nightmare?

Nicoletta Stephanz creates sensory environments with her voice, electronic and traditional instruments, and through treating found objects, combining sound with aromatherapy, live film, and fengshui. She has performed and recorded with a variety of musicians and artists including Gong, Daevid Allen, Edward Ka-spel/The Legendary Pink Dots, The Damned, Galactic, and members of Acid Mothers Temple.


Dorothy Alexander / 1m 40s / 2017 / Scotland / World Premiere

A filmpoem remembering night terrors.

Dorothy Alexanderhas lived and worked all her life in the Scottish Borders. An enthusiastic proponent of found techniques and visual poetry, she has a Ph.D. in Creative Writing from the University of Glasgow. In 2002 she won the Macallan/Scotland on Sunday Short Story Competition. Her debut novel, The Mauricewood Devils, was published by Freight in 2016.


Narda Azaria Dalgleish / 14m 38s / 2017 / United Kingdom / World Premiere

Tajine’s story is an ecologically pertinent adaptation of the Saharan Erg Chebbi dune legend. It also draws broadly on various myth and fact in Biblical, Historical, Archeological and Ecological catastrophe sources.

Narda is a British poet, moving image and installation artist based in the Scottish Borders. She explores ways to deliver explicitly manners of being found in the implicit realm of self-discovery, as no less important partner to the imagery captured in the visible physical world. Narda is an active member of the Moving Image Makers Collective (MIMC) based in the Scottish Borders. She is also a member of the Edinburgh Artists’ Moving Image Critical Network.


Patrick Rafferty / 2m 50s / 2017 / United Kingdom / World Premiere

Corre Foc, Barcelona, end of summer, 2017, while watching this, an elderly lady tugged on my sleeve. Amid the chaos, she took great pleasure in telling me – “This is not Spanish, it is Catalan.” After the terror attack on Las Ramblas earlier in the year, there was a real sense of the people of the city reclaiming the streets – filling the streets with fire, passion, inviting the “devils” through the gates of hell and greeting them with smiles.


Nicoletta Stephanz / 15m 46s / 2017 / United Kingdom /

Nicoletta Stephanz creates sensory environments with her voice, electronic and traditional instruments, and through treating found objects, combining sound with aromatherapy, live film, and fengshui. She has performed and recorded with a variety of musicians and artists including Gong, Daevid Allen, Edward Ka-spel/The Legendary Pink Dots, The Damned, Galactic, and members of Acid Mothers Temple.

The Power to Tell: Alchemy Film and Moving Image Festival 2017

The Power to Tell: Selected Works from The Moving Image Makers Collective, exhibited at Alchemy Film and Moving Image Festival 2017

Run Time 00:56:34

Cheers me long
Joy Parker | 3:15
A portrait of the artist’s grandfather, Alan Zimmerman, a man formed by the American dream.

Jane Houston Green 04:57
A contrast of light, hope and sanctuary against a background of dark, twisted oppression. Inspired by a church in Tobago that was built in 1852 on the site of an old plantation estate and abandoned sugar mill.

Irene Young 1:09
An exploration of filmmaker’s relationship with traditional music and her instrument

Kerry Jones 1:27
Yarn is a collaboration between Kerry Jones and Frazer Watson. It takes a few seconds of frames from an archive film “Romance of Cashmere” and weaves them together with a swinging live drum soundtrack.

Turning to Ashes
Frank Brown 4:12
This came in the form of relief from a situation for the person involved.

Nicoletta Stephanz 2:06
The filmmaker’s passion (obsession?) for things being reversed manifested this film the week of the 2016 US presidential election. Unexpected sounds form words which echo her reaction to reaction.

Dorothy Alexander 1:24
Remedy is a filmpoem from the series Dirt Hearts.

Living the Dream
Ann Vance 4:45
A filmic encounter with the abandoned and decaying design studio of Bernat Klein in the Scottish Borders. Dreaming against waged labour and domestication . . . a new dynamic of collective life.

Circle #3
Jessie Growden 01:07
The third in a series of experiments using a mobile phone and a flat surface, in an attempt to explore the physical feelings of outdoor and indoor spaces. Circle 3 explores a passing place sign in Craik Forest, and the interaction between it and the phone.

Jason Moyes 2:43
Based on a quote from William Burroughs this textural and multilayered work explores the American Dream through found footage and silent contemplation.

Farpeek 06:59
Status updates, long before Facebook, were known as .plan files. A status update for the planet. This .plan takes us from cosmetic excess to the Methuselah Redwood’s lasting beauty.

Tamsin Growden 02:17
This debut film is a nostalgic trip to the filmmaker’s childhood with a hint of menace.

On the Cusp
Patrick Rafferty 5:21
We are mirrored in the seasons that reflect our passage through time, be it deep yellow autumn, or the rising black of winter. Colour and tone our minutes and days in sun and starlight. And what beauty, albeit fleeting. Film made over a few weeks at the end of 2016, as the seasons shifted. Pondering the cycles of nature, and how we are inextricably linked.

Beach Hut
Jason Baxter 3:48
An experimental short film on the topic of ‘Beach Huts’, from a trip to Findhorn Bay in Morayshire, Scotland.

Merzfrau: Bloomed
Sarahjane Swan & Roger Simian 7:00
Super 8 Ode to the Modernist Muse, inspired by Kurt Schwitters’ absurdist poem, “An Anna Blume”. Mostly created using expired filmstock, processed in coffee, and handcrafted with scratches and varnish.

Dawn Berry 2:08
Traveling through time and memories, trying to make sense of direction and emotional attachment, represented by music….

MIMC at Alchemy 2016

2.40pm – 4.10pm

Red Cap

Jason Moyes / Scotland / 2016 / 05:36 / Scottish Premiere

This work is inspired by the Red Cap myth from Borders folklore and explores the ideas of purpose and regret experienced by those who have to murder to survive.


Jason Moyes gained an interest in short film in 2007 after producing no budget DIY music videos for his band. He has worked in a range of creative roles including radio producer and presenter, music journalist and photographer. He worked on cult music and alternative culture magazine Sun Zoom Spark, has produced content for and had his band played on BBC 6 Music. His experience working creatively with sound and other media has informed his work and although he has gone beyond producing music videos he still embraces the DIY approach to film making.

sunday school

Dorothy Alexander / Scotland / 2016 / 00:01:59 / World premiere

Sunday School is a short meditation on organised religion.


Dorothy Alexander has lived and worked all her life in the Scottish Borders.
A writer and former tutor of Creative Writing for the University of Strathclyde, she has a Ph.D. in Creative Writing from the University of Glasgow. In 2002 she won the Macallan/Scotland on Sunday Short Story Competition. An enthusiastic proponent of found techniques and visual poetry, she has recently published a novel – The Mauricewood Devils, Freight, 2016. Film titled Jenny Corbett screened April 2015 at Alchemy Film Festival.
Further information available at

100 Seconds

Julie Witford / Scotland / 2016 / 01:40 / World premiere

The Slitrig, January 2016


Jane Houston Green / United Kingdom / 2016 / 05:12 / World premiere

Ripples on water reflecting a brief ripple of time in Mumbai, India where place and space combine with action and energy to create a life absorbing moment.


As a professional actor/director Jane has spent years working in theatre, film and television. She is currently artistic director of Treading The Borders Theatre Company. Having travelled extensively she has always been stimulated by seeing the world in pictures and has a strong visual memory. This has ultimately led her to experimental film making where she is drawn to people and places which depict the space where worlds meet, mesh, collide – to celebrate the differences while cherishing the similarities.


NARDA AZARIA DALGLEISH / England / 2015 / 08:12 /

Overlooking the North Sea, I faced the East, ‘Kedem’ – the primordial orientation that unites all contraries. I wrote the poem, ‘O Ahmad’, soon after my son was killed by Al-Qaeda.


Narda Azaria Dalgleish is an Israeli-British poet, moving image and installation artist based in the Scottish Borders. In her work, she is interested in exploring the bridge between the visible, physical world, and the invisible, metaphysical realm of meanings found within.


Patrick Rafferty / Scotland / 2016 / 01:40 / Scottish Premiere

Trying here to bring back the memory of how exciting it is to be standing outside, head tipped upwards, trying to catch snowflakes on your tongue.
Hawick, 8th January 2016.


Patrick Rafferty is a full time photographer/Photographic Tutor. His previous photographic work has exhibited in Hawick, Edinburgh, Sligo and Befast. Patrick became interested in film through volunteering to document the Alchemy Film Festival in 2014. This led to his taking a filmmaking course, and subsequently joining Moving Image Makers Collective. Patrick says he is still learning, and discovering in which direction he would like to take his experiments with film.

End Of Film

Kerry Jones / Scotland / 2016 / 01:42 /

3 seconds of end of film frames from a 1978 16mm archive print “Romance of Cashmere”. Image and sound have been stretched, cropped and digitally manipulated whilst remaining red.


Kerry Jones is a multi-media artist based in Scotland whose work incorporates: film; sound; archives; manipulated still images & site specific interactions. She works on solo projects as well as in collaboration. Her current work is interested in ideas of time travel, U-Chronia (no-time); curiosity and research; archival tangents; transformative adjustments and anachronistic insertions.

Kerry has had her films screened at: The Ickle Film Festival, Dundee (2015); The Leamington Spa Underground Film Festival, (2015); Edinburgh Artist’s Moving Image Festival(2015) and Alchemy Film Festival (2015); Beyond The Shutter, The Haining, Selkirk – Moving Image Installation (2015).

Beyond the Shutter

Between Saturday 12 September and Sunday 20 September 2015, MIMC presented a programme of over twenty locally made films and two moving image installation at The Haining, Selkirk. The site-specific installations, situated in the house, cottage and outbuildings, offer a uniquely cinematic vision of grassroots creative renewal in the Borders. Subjects range from folklore to punk aesthetics, the haunting of Tibbie Tamson hope, time and timelessness, to the mercurial mysticism of feathers.
There will also be a special public screening and talk by the Edinburgh -based film and art collective Ethel Maude on Sat 19 Sept at 7pm.

Moving Image Installations

Celluloid Dreams| Jason Moyes | 00:08:24 | 2015 | Dairy Cottage (downstairs left)
This textural piece utilises a mid-20th century home movie to explore the deterioration of the American Dream. A sideways look at the miniature of everyday lifo or an ‘obsession with the ‘ordinary.

Some Room | Kerry Jones | 2015 | The Haining Morning Room
Enter a room through a door / Leave by a door
Spying some or no detail / Leaving with impressions of our own making.

Property is Theft | Andrew Forsythe & Tony Gulvin | Looped Installation | 00:17:45 | The Cottage (upstairs left)
A day in the life of an anarchist squatter, living in the Scottish borders. Video installation accompanied by a Tony Gulvin Film.

The Hope | Narda Azaria Dalgleish | Looped feature length | 2015 | The Haining dining room
Realisations: time / timelessness, colour / colourless – single channel installation with archive footage of Hawick and the Borders; some insights from interviews with the alumni of Chisholme House, and poetry by Narda.

Yarn of the Forgotten: Tibbie Tamson Unbound | Sarahjane Swan & Roger Simian (The Bird And The Monkey) | 2015 | The Haining Library
“By Haining Loch, beneath the dark’ning skies \ What raging storm beyond the shutters lies?’ Witch? Suicide? Victim of plague or murder? Unravelling the yarn of Selkirk’s Tibbie Tamson, buried on un-consecrated ground in 1790.

Forest 2 | Jessie Growden | 00:07:08 | 2015 | Haining entrance
This film is an exploration into winter in Craik Forest. Filmed entirely on an iPhone, the tall and narrow space for finding images creates a new way of composing images. The film is an attempt to challenge the idea of ‘deep dark woods’ as a scary place that is dark and haunted.

Fugacious: Addressing Ephemerality | Sam Christopher Cornwell | 2015 | The Cottage (downstairs right)
Technology has allowed us to send and share imagery at a faster and more transient pace. ‘Fugacious’ explores one inevitable yet ridiculous nirvana we are headed for.

Mercurius | Richard Ashrowan | 00:10:00 loop | 2015 | The Cottage (upstairs right)
A film installation celebrating the mercurial nature of us all, through a mysterious encounter with feathers. Within alchemy, the rising of the spirit vapour from heated mercury was often depicted using images of feathers.

Screenings and Special Events
Improbable Cinema | The Haining Workshop
The films in this programme celebrate our local filmmakers and the diversity of works produces within the Moving Image Makers Collective. A rolling programme of around thirty short to medium length films – step in and out at any time and expect to be constantly surprised!
Filmmakers Include:
Dorothy Alexander, Richard Ashrowan, Jason Baxter, Frank Brown, Sara Clark, Grace Connor, Eileen Cummings, Narda Azaria Dalgleish, Jessie Growden, Tony Gulvin, Jules Horne, Kirsty Jobling, Kerry Jones, Kenny Mitchell, Jason Moyes, Joy Parker, Patrick Rafferty, Julie Witford, The Bird & The Monkey

Ethel Maude in Conversation
Special Screening Event

Sukjin Kim | 00:05:00 | 2015
A work that explores the consequential minutiae of Sukjin Kim’s 2013 work The Creative Beauty of Life and Art, performed in London, Berlin and Korea. It explores an artists connectedness and control over everyday emotions.

Off the Peg

OFF THE PEG – An evening of short films from members of The Moving Image Makers Collective; a wonderful 1978 archve film Romance of Cashmere about Dawson International textile mill (now owned by Chanel) in Hawick directed by Terence Donovan and a special screening of Jacques Perconte’s remarkable hour long film: “Ettrick” a film that interrogates the Scottish borders unique heritage: sheep farming, fabrics, the woolen mill tradition and our unique landscapes all rendered in an impressionistic arc of colour and movement. The event is part of The Everything Creative Festival

Films from the Moving Image Makers Collective included:

TFOD | Jessie Growden | A diary of an experience of the Scout camp

Merzfrau | The Bird and the Monkey / Avant Kinema | A Super 8 ode to the Modernist Muse

A Haining Re-enactment Wedding | by Frank Brown | A Living Image video covering the years from 1830/1930 in period costume

Where Art Thou? | from Jane Houston Green | A quirky look at Romeo & Juliet to celebrate 400 years of Shakespeare … with glass lifts, balconies and Sicilian sunshine

Lips Sigh Red | Dorothy Alexander

Audience | Narda Azaria Dalgleish

What Kind of Circus | Kerry Kezza Jones

Urban Chips | Joy Parker | A glimpse of modern urban living

River Installation

A collaborative work which started at the Free Flow Screening in Hawick and continued as MIMC took over the Haining House in Selkirk with Moving Image Installations at the YES Arts Festival over the weekend of 15-17 September 2017.

Photos: Patrick Rafferty