Beyond the Shutter

Between Saturday 12 September and Sunday 20 September 2015, MIMC presented a programme of over twenty locally made films and two moving image installation at The Haining, Selkirk. The site-specific installations, situated in the house, cottage and outbuildings, offer a uniquely cinematic vision of grassroots creative renewal in the Borders. Subjects range from folklore to punk aesthetics, the haunting of Tibbie Tamson hope, time and timelessness, to the mercurial mysticism of feathers.
There will also be a special public screening and talk by the Edinburgh -based film and art collective Ethel Maude on Sat 19 Sept at 7pm.

Moving Image Installations

Celluloid Dreams| Jason Moyes | 00:08:24 | 2015 | Dairy Cottage (downstairs left)
This textural piece utilises a mid-20th century home movie to explore the deterioration of the American Dream. A sideways look at the miniature of everyday lifo or an ‘obsession with the ‘ordinary.

Some Room | Kerry Jones | 2015 | The Haining Morning Room
Enter a room through a door / Leave by a door
Spying some or no detail / Leaving with impressions of our own making.

Property is Theft | Andrew Forsythe & Tony Gulvin | Looped Installation | 00:17:45 | The Cottage (upstairs left)
A day in the life of an anarchist squatter, living in the Scottish borders. Video installation accompanied by a Tony Gulvin Film.

The Hope | Narda Azaria Dalgleish | Looped feature length | 2015 | The Haining dining room
Realisations: time / timelessness, colour / colourless – single channel installation with archive footage of Hawick and the Borders; some insights from interviews with the alumni of Chisholme House, and poetry by Narda.

Yarn of the Forgotten: Tibbie Tamson Unbound | Sarahjane Swan & Roger Simian (The Bird And The Monkey) | 2015 | The Haining Library
“By Haining Loch, beneath the dark’ning skies \ What raging storm beyond the shutters lies?’ Witch? Suicide? Victim of plague or murder? Unravelling the yarn of Selkirk’s Tibbie Tamson, buried on un-consecrated ground in 1790.

Forest 2 | Jessie Growden | 00:07:08 | 2015 | Haining entrance
This film is an exploration into winter in Craik Forest. Filmed entirely on an iPhone, the tall and narrow space for finding images creates a new way of composing images. The film is an attempt to challenge the idea of ‘deep dark woods’ as a scary place that is dark and haunted.

Fugacious: Addressing Ephemerality | Sam Christopher Cornwell | 2015 | The Cottage (downstairs right)
Technology has allowed us to send and share imagery at a faster and more transient pace. ‘Fugacious’ explores one inevitable yet ridiculous nirvana we are headed for.

Mercurius | Richard Ashrowan | 00:10:00 loop | 2015 | The Cottage (upstairs right)
A film installation celebrating the mercurial nature of us all, through a mysterious encounter with feathers. Within alchemy, the rising of the spirit vapour from heated mercury was often depicted using images of feathers.

Screenings and Special Events
Improbable Cinema | The Haining Workshop
The films in this programme celebrate our local filmmakers and the diversity of works produces within the Moving Image Makers Collective. A rolling programme of around thirty short to medium length films – step in and out at any time and expect to be constantly surprised!
Filmmakers Include:
Dorothy Alexander, Richard Ashrowan, Jason Baxter, Frank Brown, Sara Clark, Grace Connor, Eileen Cummings, Narda Azaria Dalgleish, Jessie Growden, Tony Gulvin, Jules Horne, Kirsty Jobling, Kerry Jones, Kenny Mitchell, Jason Moyes, Joy Parker, Patrick Rafferty, Julie Witford, The Bird & The Monkey

Ethel Maude in Conversation
Special Screening Event

Sukjin Kim | 00:05:00 | 2015
A work that explores the consequential minutiae of Sukjin Kim’s 2013 work The Creative Beauty of Life and Art, performed in London, Berlin and Korea. It explores an artists connectedness and control over everyday emotions.