MIMC at Alchemy 2016

2.40pm – 4.10pm

Red Cap

Jason Moyes / Scotland / 2016 / 05:36 / Scottish Premiere

This work is inspired by the Red Cap myth from Borders folklore and explores the ideas of purpose and regret experienced by those who have to murder to survive.


Jason Moyes gained an interest in short film in 2007 after producing no budget DIY music videos for his band. He has worked in a range of creative roles including radio producer and presenter, music journalist and photographer. He worked on cult music and alternative culture magazine Sun Zoom Spark, has produced content for and had his band played on BBC 6 Music. His experience working creatively with sound and other media has informed his work and although he has gone beyond producing music videos he still embraces the DIY approach to film making.

sunday school

Dorothy Alexander / Scotland / 2016 / 00:01:59 / World premiere

Sunday School is a short meditation on organised religion.


Dorothy Alexander has lived and worked all her life in the Scottish Borders.
A writer and former tutor of Creative Writing for the University of Strathclyde, she has a Ph.D. in Creative Writing from the University of Glasgow. In 2002 she won the Macallan/Scotland on Sunday Short Story Competition. An enthusiastic proponent of found techniques and visual poetry, she has recently published a novel – The Mauricewood Devils, Freight, 2016. Film titled Jenny Corbett screened April 2015 at Alchemy Film Festival.
Further information available at www.dorothyalexander.co.uk

100 Seconds

Julie Witford / Scotland / 2016 / 01:40 / World premiere

The Slitrig, January 2016


Jane Houston Green / United Kingdom / 2016 / 05:12 / World premiere

Ripples on water reflecting a brief ripple of time in Mumbai, India where place and space combine with action and energy to create a life absorbing moment.


As a professional actor/director Jane has spent years working in theatre, film and television. She is currently artistic director of Treading The Borders Theatre Company. Having travelled extensively she has always been stimulated by seeing the world in pictures and has a strong visual memory. This has ultimately led her to experimental film making where she is drawn to people and places which depict the space where worlds meet, mesh, collide – to celebrate the differences while cherishing the similarities.


NARDA AZARIA DALGLEISH / England / 2015 / 08:12 /

Overlooking the North Sea, I faced the East, ‘Kedem’ – the primordial orientation that unites all contraries. I wrote the poem, ‘O Ahmad’, soon after my son was killed by Al-Qaeda.


Narda Azaria Dalgleish is an Israeli-British poet, moving image and installation artist based in the Scottish Borders. In her work, she is interested in exploring the bridge between the visible, physical world, and the invisible, metaphysical realm of meanings found within.


Patrick Rafferty / Scotland / 2016 / 01:40 / Scottish Premiere

Trying here to bring back the memory of how exciting it is to be standing outside, head tipped upwards, trying to catch snowflakes on your tongue.
Hawick, 8th January 2016.


Patrick Rafferty is a full time photographer/Photographic Tutor. His previous photographic work has exhibited in Hawick, Edinburgh, Sligo and Befast. Patrick became interested in film through volunteering to document the Alchemy Film Festival in 2014. This led to his taking a filmmaking course, and subsequently joining Moving Image Makers Collective. Patrick says he is still learning, and discovering in which direction he would like to take his experiments with film.

End Of Film

Kerry Jones / Scotland / 2016 / 01:42 /

3 seconds of end of film frames from a 1978 16mm archive print “Romance of Cashmere”. Image and sound have been stretched, cropped and digitally manipulated whilst remaining red.


Kerry Jones is a multi-media artist based in Scotland whose work incorporates: film; sound; archives; manipulated still images & site specific interactions. She works on solo projects as well as in collaboration. Her current work is interested in ideas of time travel, U-Chronia (no-time); curiosity and research; archival tangents; transformative adjustments and anachronistic insertions.

Kerry has had her films screened at: The Ickle Film Festival, Dundee (2015); The Leamington Spa Underground Film Festival, (2015); Edinburgh Artist’s Moving Image Festival(2015) and Alchemy Film Festival (2015); Beyond The Shutter, The Haining, Selkirk – Moving Image Installation (2015).