The Power to Tell: Alchemy Film and Moving Image Festival 2017

The Power to Tell: Selected Works from The Moving Image Makers Collective, exhibited at Alchemy Film and Moving Image Festival 2017

Run Time 00:56:34

Cheers me long
Joy Parker | 3:15
A portrait of the artist’s grandfather, Alan Zimmerman, a man formed by the American dream.

Jane Houston Green 04:57
A contrast of light, hope and sanctuary against a background of dark, twisted oppression. Inspired by a church in Tobago that was built in 1852 on the site of an old plantation estate and abandoned sugar mill.

Irene Young 1:09
An exploration of filmmaker’s relationship with traditional music and her instrument

Kerry Jones 1:27
Yarn is a collaboration between Kerry Jones and Frazer Watson. It takes a few seconds of frames from an archive film “Romance of Cashmere” and weaves them together with a swinging live drum soundtrack.

Turning to Ashes
Frank Brown 4:12
This came in the form of relief from a situation for the person involved.

Nicoletta Stephanz 2:06
The filmmaker’s passion (obsession?) for things being reversed manifested this film the week of the 2016 US presidential election. Unexpected sounds form words which echo her reaction to reaction.

Dorothy Alexander 1:24
Remedy is a filmpoem from the series Dirt Hearts.

Living the Dream
Ann Vance 4:45
A filmic encounter with the abandoned and decaying design studio of Bernat Klein in the Scottish Borders. Dreaming against waged labour and domestication . . . a new dynamic of collective life.

Circle #3
Jessie Growden 01:07
The third in a series of experiments using a mobile phone and a flat surface, in an attempt to explore the physical feelings of outdoor and indoor spaces. Circle 3 explores a passing place sign in Craik Forest, and the interaction between it and the phone.

Jason Moyes 2:43
Based on a quote from William Burroughs this textural and multilayered work explores the American Dream through found footage and silent contemplation.

Farpeek 06:59
Status updates, long before Facebook, were known as .plan files. A status update for the planet. This .plan takes us from cosmetic excess to the Methuselah Redwood’s lasting beauty.

Tamsin Growden 02:17
This debut film is a nostalgic trip to the filmmaker’s childhood with a hint of menace.

On the Cusp
Patrick Rafferty 5:21
We are mirrored in the seasons that reflect our passage through time, be it deep yellow autumn, or the rising black of winter. Colour and tone our minutes and days in sun and starlight. And what beauty, albeit fleeting. Film made over a few weeks at the end of 2016, as the seasons shifted. Pondering the cycles of nature, and how we are inextricably linked.

Beach Hut
Jason Baxter 3:48
An experimental short film on the topic of ‘Beach Huts’, from a trip to Findhorn Bay in Morayshire, Scotland.

Merzfrau: Bloomed
Sarahjane Swan & Roger Simian 7:00
Super 8 Ode to the Modernist Muse, inspired by Kurt Schwitters’ absurdist poem, “An Anna Blume”. Mostly created using expired filmstock, processed in coffee, and handcrafted with scratches and varnish.

Dawn Berry 2:08
Traveling through time and memories, trying to make sense of direction and emotional attachment, represented by music….