The Power to Tell: Alchemy Film and Moving Image Festival 2017

The Power to Tell: Selected Works from The Moving Image Makers Collective.

Moving Image Makers Collective / 00:56:34 / 2016 / United Kingdom / World Premiere

Selection of works from the Moving Image Makers Collective, a dynamically evolving group of film and moving image creatives who are based in the Scottish Borders:

Cheers me long by Joy Parker
Prism by Jane Houston Green
Fiddle by Irene Young
Yarn by Kerry Jones
Turning to Ashes by Frank Brown
Backwords by Nicoletta Stephanz
Remedy by Dorothy Alexander
Living the Dream by Ann Vance
Circles #3 by Jessie Growden
celluloid by Jason Moyes
.plan by Farpeek
Growler by Tamsin Growden
On the Cusp by Patrick Rafferty
Beach Hut by Jason Baxter
The Search by Chris Maginn
Merzfrau: Bloomed by Sarahjane Swan & Roger Simian
i131 by Dawn Berry


MIMC held their first community film screening at the Alchemy Film and Moving Image Festival in April 2015. Since then they have had further screenings of new works at the Heart of Hawick Cinema, Edinburgh Artists’ Moving Image Festival and the 2016 Alchemy Film Festival.

MIMC also presented Beyond the Shutter at The Haining in Selkirk, in September 2015, which featured nine installations, a continuous screening of short films, a performance piece and a workshop by Edinburgh filmmaking collective Ethel Maude.

MIMC members come from a diverse range of backgrounds and include authors, poets, photographers, filmmakers, playwrights, painters and mixed media artists as well as complete beginners.

The collective meets once a month at various locations around the Borders to present new work for peer feedback, as well as inviting specialist speakers and filmmakers to share their skills with the group and to screen their own work.